Founded in 2001.
Serviced 200 Clients, all across India in such a small duration.
Most Respected Company in it's area of Operations.
We at Algort are bunch of People who work with Spiritual Intelligence rather then doing a typical 10AM to 6PM Job, as we know the difference listed below:


10 to 6 PM Jobs


Algort Team

They lose their sense of identity in things like, nationality, race, colour, position and then become fearful and/or angry when any of these false identities are threatened.
They never lose their sense of self, their identity, in anything external and they know that race, gender, nationality, belief system etc are simply labels and not what 'I Am'.
They blame others when things go wrong because they fear being seen as the one who might be  responsible because they fear losing their reputation or position and therefore the approval of others.
They never blame others for anything and always accept responsibility for their part, their actions.  They don't have anything to lose as they realise they cannot own or possess anything.  They don't need the approval of others to feel OK about themselves
They have become dependent on their job and pay for their sense of security
They are free of all dependency as their sense of security comes from inside out and not outside in.  Their sense of security is based on their abilities, strengths, talents and innate qualities as a human being i.e. what they can give, not on what others give them.
They live to survive as they are still under the illusion that it's survival of the fittest, that you have to look after number one, because it's simply dog eat dog out there!
They live to serve others.  They have realised that the only way to expand their personal capacity to love is to give it, use it, in the service of others, and as they do they are strengthened in the process and paradoxically have greater value to others as a result.
They are easily disturbed and feel personally threatened by local and global change
They are never disturbed by the changing world around them because that is what the world does.
They still seek love and happiness from others and the world, and are therefore still experiencing frequent  disappointment (sadness and sorrow)
They have realised that what they seek in the world (peace, love and contentment) are already within them and can never be lost e.g. the Mandella experience.
They have a tendency to see work as a necessary evil, a place to go and get money to pay the bills and buy a few pleasures
They see work as a place of creativity, self expression and learning where money is a secondary reward or return for what is given
They have the tendency to see and treat people at work as objects to get the job done, reach the goal, and achieve the targets.  The task often comes before the relationship
They see people at work as human beings with their own strengths, weaknesses, concerns, needs and wants.  Relationships always come before the task
They tend to take life far too seriously because they believe business is a serious business, thereby living in fear

They tend to take life lightly, as a game, an opportunity to play and create, thus inducing a greater degree of lightness is what they do